Since 1996, we have made efforts to improve the agricultural center of the South Coast. Every year there are hundreds of immigrant farm workers arriving in Pescadero searching for employment.

Our efforts in the Pescadero area include: Contributing funds to El Puente de la Sur Costa (the Bridge of the South Coast ( which provides social services to the migrant workers, and we have approached the Archdiocese of San Francisco to improve the social environment for the farming community.

As a result of working with the Archdiocese, in December of 2008 and continuing through 2012, Saint Vincent de Paul Society ( has agreed to become the prominent provider of food and clothing, in concert with El Puente.

Also in 2008, after having talked to several of the influential town’s people, we were able to help fund the renovation and landscaping of Saint Anthony’s mission (historical landmark 1876) and social hall. Toward this end, we continue to contribute support and services.

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St. Anthony's Mission

The fields of Pescadeo.