Coastside Hospitality currently has three programs funded, in place and up and running:

1 - The Catholic Worker Magdalene House which houses families and assists them in the total transitional process of obtaining financial independence and permanent housing with, most importantly, a sense of dignity and accomplishment.

Three times a week the Catholic House distributes from their garage
food, clothes, bikes and other goods to the poor.

2 - Rent Subsidy Program assists families who find themselves, for whatever reason, in some type of temporary transition, by paying the rent for several months or until they become stabilized.

3 - Emergency Shelter Program provides shelter or community hospitality to those who find themselves on the coast, usually on the way to somewhere else, and quite simply don't have a place to stay. We provide food, shower and a warm bed.

With these three programs in place, Coastside Hospitality is able to assist hundreds of people a year.